Sunday, February 23, 2014

Power Up You New Devices On the Go With MagicSticks Portable Charger Review

     Electronics are probably the number one gift item for the holidays.  Along with all those devices comes the need for keeping them charged. When your away from home it is not always easy to charge your device.  Teaching High School I have found that students ask me constantly if they can charge their phones during class.  Its crazy how fast they drain their batteries.  They would have less problems if they had the Magicstick.
     I was recently sent one of the Magicstick from PowerRocks to review.  Magicstick is a rechargeable portable charger that work with many cell phones and portable devices.  Its compact, lightweight, and great for charging your devices on the go.  It has a single USB port and a micro USB port with a cable that works in both sides.  You can plug the cable in and charge the Magicstick.  It then holds up to two full charges that can be used for standard smart phones, bluetooth headsets, cameras, ereaders and more.  It has a smart chip that helps it to not over charge any device.  It is made from aluminum housing for durability and safety.  Magicstick comes in 8 different fun colors.  It charges in the same amount of time of a standard wall charger and you can check the charge status with a push of a button.  It includes a carry case to keep it all together.

     I used my Magicstick to charge my Samsung Galaxy S3 when the battery died and I was out and about.  It worked great.  I was able to charge my phone without being stuck at home waiting for it to charge.  I really like that I can plug it in to charge my phone and leave it in my bag.  The Magicstick is small and fits anywhere.  I was even able to recharge my Kindle Fire using the Magicstick.  Which was a lifesaver since Evan is always wanting to watch Elmo and the Kindle is where we put it on for him.  When the Kindle died he was so upset.  I plugged in the Magicstick and the Kindle Fire began to charge while Evan continued to watch Elmo.  And when he moved around and carried the Kindle away from us the charger is light weight enough.  Evan didn't have to sit by the wall.

     The Magicstick is great for charging any device on the go.  Its great back up in case a charge is needed.  I really like that it works for so many different devices.  I also like that I can press the button and it will light up green or red to let me know if it is charged or not.  I keep it in my purse in case I am ever in need of a charge.

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  1. So cool! I would love to have one of these on long trips... or even just in my purse as backup. Because sometimes my phone will die when I'm out shopping, and I need a coupon off of it!