Wednesday, April 16, 2014

{Never} Wordless Wednesday ~ World Wildlife Zoo Visit

     A couple of weeks ago we went to the World Wildlife Zoo near us.

Jayden was able to feed the birds.

This monkey liked Evan.  He was starring at him and would follow him around.  He even cried when we moved away.  

We got to feed some different birds later.  But they all wanted to eat Jayden's food, but would not sit on his hand.  At first he was shy and kind of scared, but then got sad they didn't get on him. One even took the apple from Jayden's hand and put it on mine.  But overall he was happy he was able to feed the birds.  

Evan's favorite part was the petting zoo.

He was giving the deer kisses.  


  1. My boys would absolutely love that place. They are obsessed with animals and love when thy get to get up close.

  2. I love the zoo and enjoy other people's pictures of their visits. Thanks!