Wednesday, June 11, 2014

{Never} Wordless Wednesday ~ Jayden's Birthday Party

We had Jayden's 6th birthday party this past weekend.  He wanted the theme to be minions.  We decided to have the Blast Zone water slide/ bounce house out for the kids to play on.  Jayden was so excited to see his friends and family.  A couple of friends from school came and he had not seen them in a couple weeks.

They were all so cute sitting together on the picnic table eating their pizza.

Jayden insisted on getting a pinata this year. This is his first year with a pinata. It was really tough to break.  Jayden put a small hole in it, but after all the kids had a couple of turns my brother in law had to break it open.

Look at all the many faces of Jayden as he opened his gifts.  He received lots of great gifts from everyone.

Then it was time for some yummy minion cake and homemade ice cream.  Didn't my mom do great on the cake?  I will post the tutorial when I get a chance.  We also made brownies with marshmallow minions.


  1. Wow this looks fun. I think the whole water slide would be a huge hit at any child's party.

  2. This looks like a really fun Birthday party! Happy birthday to your little man! We love Despicable Me at our house as well. : )

  3. Jayden's party was a great time. The water slide was a great hit keeping everyone cool in our hot weather!