Wednesday, July 2, 2014

{Never} Wordless Wednesday ~ Children's Museum of Phoenix

 Since we are off for the summer I have been trying to stay active with the boys.  We plan to do at least a couple of things a week.  This week I decided to make it a Jayden day.  We took Evan to Nana's house for a few hours.  Then Jayden and I went to the Children's Museum of Phoenix.  He loves that place and has been asking to go.

And when we got there I had another surprise for him, his best friend Aidan was there.  Jayden was so excited to be there and with Aidan.  Aidan and Jayden met for the first time at the Children's Museum.  Jayden was barely a year old and Aidan was 6 months.

They are so cute together.  They will randomly just hold hands and walk together.

Ice cream anyone?

my little hamster

catching flying scarves


  1. What a fun day! Makes me want to schedule a trip to our children's museum :)

  2. Another MUST do when we visit! I love the phx childrens mueum theres sooo much for kids of all ages to explore!