Wednesday, August 20, 2014

{Never} Wordless Wednesday ~ My Baby is Going to Be 2 Years Old Tomorrow!!

     I honestly can not believe that Evan is going to be 2 years old tomorrow. He is growing so fast.  I swear it was just a couple months ago we brought him home from the hospital.  He has so much personality too.  I don't know how he contains himself with all the personality flowing out... well to be honest he doesn't much.  He is all boy and all toddler for sure.  He started a toddler preschool this year and is doing great.  He loves his teacher and all his friends.  He is happy to say hi to everyone when he gets there and is so adorable when his little friends hug him goodbye.  Above is a couple of the photos Kathy Romero Photography took last weekend for Evan's 2 year old pictures.  They turned out great and I can't wait to see the others.  

Some things about Evan's:
Loves is Bubber (Jayden)
Loves crackers, prefers goldfish but will eat any crackers
Loves pizza
Loves the PBS app on my kindle for watching his favorite shows.
Loves Elmo and Cookie Monster
Loves spoons... I know funny, but the kid loves to take my spoons (large plastic, wooden, or silverware, he doesn't care).  He likes them all.  
Still loves to nurse... He is a bit of a stinker if I say no... he has quite the tantrums.  
Loves to hit the ball with anything like a bat or golf club (often the spoons come in handy for this)
Loves to copy anything and everything that Bubber does.  
Loves to swim and thinks he can do it on his own.  
Loves the rain and being outside (the mosquitoes like him.. :()
Loves cars and anything that goes
Loves babies and calls any child about 10 years old or younger baby
Loves to get his way and gets very angry when he doesn't 
Started potty training and has used the potty a couple of times
Gives lots of hugs and kisses
Talks ALOT!!!  

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  1. Such a cutie! My kid also calls other kids babies, even though he is younger haha!

    Happy to read that he is still nursing. Way to go!