Wednesday, August 13, 2014

{Never} Wordless Wednesday ~ RIP Robin Willams

     By now you have heard the tragic news of Robin Willams death.  I am sad that this has happened.  I love Robin Williams.  He is such a great actor and funny comedian.  And although I never met in him person it just seems like he is a super nice guy.  I would have loved to meet him.  There are so many memorial able roles that he has been in.  I loved Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, and SO MANY more great movies he was in.  And of course no one can forget Mork and Mindy.  I watched it as a kid.

I Just wanted to send out prayers to Robin and his family.  He will be truly missed.

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  1. He was a fantastic actor and comedian, and he surely will be missed all over the world.