Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Farm Visit to Tolmachoff Farms Plus Discount $2 off Coupon

I was provided free admission for my family in exchange for this post. 

     Sunday our family went to the farm.  We went to visit the Tolmachoff Farm nearby.  We have gone to this farm for the past few years during this time.  There is so much to do there.  We were supposed to attend last weekend, but since I was sick we were not able to make it.  So we went on Sunday.  The boys were excited to do looks of fun farm activities.  They were most excited about the goats, horses, and train ride.  When we got there the line was pretty long, but it moved quickly.  It seems our nice little farm nearby has become very popular.  But of course I couldn't keep this place a secret any longer.

     The boys fist decided to play in the corn.  It is so funny that the corn is so much fun for them.  I think its as fun as playing in the sand.  Then we found the water pumps.  Jayden always loves these cause he can show what big muscles he has.  This year Evan is taller and able to use the pump too.

     When we got over to the animals we went in to pet the goats and the big pig.  They were all friendly and the boys loved them.  We also got to see baby pigs that were only a week old.  They are just so tiny and cute.  We even pet the pony.

     When the boys saw the train they could not wait for a ride.  Jayden knew right away he wanted to ride in the cow train.  There is a cow and a ladybug.  Evan didn't care he just wanted to ride.  But since Evan is still small I decided to ride with him.  It was a fun ride where we went down the road, did a few turns back and forth and then returned.  The train is powered by a quad.

     When we were done on the train Jayden wanted to try the corn maze.  Last year we did the mini maze and found our way out quickly.  This year we decided to try the family maze.  I decided that Jayden would lead the way and he was happy to do so.  We were able to stand up on the steps and look over he whole corn field.  It was huge.  As we walked the maze we found lots of different trails to follow.  John and Evan decided to take a break and before long Jayden and I lost them.  They found their way back to the entrance.  Jayden and I continued to search the maze and finally found our way back to the entrance too.  There is a scavenger hunt you can follow in the maze and we even found some of the clue boxes while we walked, but we didn't take on the hunt.

     We walked around to see all the other great things like the potato shooter, web climber, tire climber, bounce house, another corn pit, 3 little pig houses, and much more.  There was so much to see and do.  They had food and drinks for sale also.  We walked back to the other side and found some really fun petal bikes and trikes.  And beyond that area was the pony rides.  We didn't do the pony ride this year, but Jayden did love it last year.  They also had kind of a reverse bounce floor, but the boys didn't want to wait in line.

     On our way out they had some craft activities, face painting, rope climbing, and more animals.  We saw some baby chicks and baby ducks.  Then we went through the little store area where they had lots of pumpkins to choose from.  The boys searched and searched until they found the pumpkin they wanted.

     It was such a fun day at the farm.  I love that this is a local farm (within a few miles from my house).  Everyone at Tolmachoff Farms have always been so nice.  We love visiting every year during the fall and getting our pumpkin.  And we will be back in December to get our Christmas tree too!

     If you want to visit Tolmachoff Farms and I hope you do.  You can get $2 off Admission with this coupon.

We were provided free admission in exchange for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced.  


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful family day! We have a place very similar to this in Ohio called "Kingsway" and my girls absolutely love going every year.

  2. Such a fun family adventures. Just like your family, we love exploring farms and pumpkin farms as well. It's so much fun not only for kids but for adults as well.

  3. You're right, the corn is so fun for the kids. Mine love to play in it too. :)

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time! I really love how they offered so many fun things to do too. Although corn mazes totally scare me for some reason, LOL.

  5. Looks like you guys had an amazing time. It is always an amazing time if ones family is just simply together! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  6. Wow it looks like they had a great time. I am heading to our Pumpkin Patch this weekend. It's 45 minutes away but its definitely not as cool as this one.

  7. That looks like so much fun! Seems that everyone really enjoyed it! I really would love to take my daughters to a pumpkin patch this year. I know kids love them!

  8. This looks like such fun! My nephews are going to a place like this closer to our home this upcoming weekend called Lewis Farms. I hope they have as much fun as your family did!