Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014 Pictures

     So I missed wordless Wednesday this week and I have not had a chance to show off share photos of my boys in their costumes.  I know Halloween was a week ago, but this mama has been busy.  Both my boys were excited for Halloween and trick or treating,

     Evan was a minion or as he calls them a "weeOh".  He was so cute in his little outfit and hat.  He didn't want to wear the hood to the jacket, but we had hats left from his party.

     Jayden was his favorite football player, Larry Fitgerald.  He was super excited to wear his uniform.  I found a Cardinals helmet and my mom even made some dreadlocks to attach to it.  I got some football pants and he wore the jersey he already had.  Everyone in the neighborhood loved his costume.  I was surprised he wore his helmet the whole time.

     While trick or treating I got lots of help.  My mom came and so did the boys nana (babysitter) and her son Jaime.  Evan loved running up to houses to say trick or treat and thank you.  He was excited to have so many people there.  He took turns holding every ones hands.  Jayden loved showing Evan how to do it all.  When we were done it was Jayden's favorite part, handing out candy to our "guests".  Evan helped and they had so much fun giving out candy.

How was your Halloween?

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