Friday, December 5, 2014

Sealed By Santa Personalized Letter

I was provided the below mentioned products in order to provide a review

     Santa is always mysterious to Jayden.  He is often shy and won't always sit with Santa.  In fact there have been a few years I didn't even try.  I'm not one to force him when he is really not comfortable.  But just because he is not comfortable sitting on his lap it doesn't mean he doesn't like Santa.  He loves to talk about Santa and what he wants for Christmas.  He asks lots of questions about how he gets around so fast and how he knows what you want for Christmas.  He tells me regularly that Santa is watching him and knows how he is behaving.  I wanted to do something fun for both Jayden and Evan with a Personalized Santa Letter from Sealed by Santa.

     Sealed By Santa is the only site that offers authentic gold-colored letters with Santa's official red wax seals.  This is a family operated business since 2006.  They offered personalized letters, Santa videos, phone recordings, a January postcard and many more options to help create wonderful holiday memories.  They have a Santa evidence kit to help prove Santa was there, a nice list certificate signed by Santa Claus and Rudolph, letter written by Santa, Reindeer food, and more.  The letters can be scaled depending on the child's age from baby's first Christmas to teens that know "all about Santa" but keep up the secret for younger siblings.  Each letter also comes with two videos from Santa Claus.  One video is received right after you order and the second comes the night before Christmas.  You also get a phone call from Santa and reindeer food so your child can put it out on Christmas Eve.

     I ordered each of my boys the Deluxe Santa pack.  I was able to personalize the letter to even share information about recent accomplishments and anything else I wanted included.  It has a part that talks about siblings too.  Jayden's letter talked about his recent accomplishments on his spelling tests, history, and general behavior.  I was even able to include that Santa knew he wants a bow and arrow for Christmas.  Evan's also shared about how he was doing at school and listening to mommy and daddy.  Evan was excited to hear that Santa knows he wants Mickey Mouse toys and a train for Christmas.  Both boys received an authentic certificate that they were on the nice list with a special seal and everything.

     While Jayden was on his tablet a couple days after I placed the order he realized he had an email.  He doesn't get them much so he never really checks.  When he opened it and saw a video from Santa Claus he was so excited!!  He could not believe that Santa sent him a message and he said in the video that he was sending a letter too.  Jayden was so excited for the letter he just could not wait.  Then it finally showed up and he could not contain his excitement.  He opened it and we read the letter.  He was excited to be on the nice list and to hear that Santa knows what he wants.  Evan's letter came a couple days later.  I was getting worried about it since I ordered on the same day.  They were both postmarked the same day, but somehow Evan's was delayed.  I'm glad it happened that way, because if Evan's came first I think Jayden would have been really disappointed waiting for his.  Evan didn't really seem to notice, but was super excited when his did come.  Jayden said he could not wait to feed the reindeer.  Of course I had to explain that you don't get to actually hand feed them, but just put it out for them.  I was surprised when he told my mom that he was going to make Santa's favorite sugar cookies because Mrs. Claus sent him the recipe.  So of course we had to make them and Jayden can't wait to leave some out for Santa.  While we were making them he was getting tired of decorating them.  When I told him we still had another tray he told me, "Santa can't eat that many cookies.  Why did you make so much?"  I had to explain they are for everyone.  After tasting them he agreed it was a good idea to make enough for everyone.

     You can give your child the experience of letters, video and phone calls from Santa.  Keep the magic alive with Sealed By Santa.

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Thank you to Sealed By Santa for sponsoring this review.
 I was provided the above mentioned products in order to provide a review. I was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. disclosure

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