Wednesday, March 18, 2015

{Never} Wordless Wednesday ~ My boys

I know I have been missing lots lately.  I have been taking time to be with my family.  I will get back to doing more here, but it may not be as strong as before.  I am really enjoying the time with my boys.  But I do have some great items coming for review and giveaway soon.  Until then here are some fun photos of my boys.

Jayden has his first grade field trip last week and I went as a chaperon.  We had a great time at the Arizona Science Center.  

While we were out and stopped at Home Depot they had a fun activity for the kids.  They were able to plant some flowers of their choice.  Both my boys picked the purple ones.  

They had fun and love them. 


  1. Being able to take the time with family is such a blessing :) great photos

  2. How fun!! Family time is very important! and you just reminded me to look into those classes again :)