Saturday, August 8, 2015

Just Checking In

     I know that I have not been around in forever... or at least feels like it.  It seems like I am just going, going, going.  I have not been around much.  So much going on has kept me away.

     During the week of July 20th my family took a vacation out to California.  We had a great time and I will post about it later.  Upon returning from our get away I had to return to work.  Getting back into the swing of work and setting up my classroom has left me very exhausted every night.  Which is a big part of why I have been away.. so much to do and when I'm done I'm too tired to move.

     Beginning of the year set up is always a little stressful.  Making sure the room is ready, the curriculum is ready, and so on.  Then meeting all my new students and getting to know them.  Having students only an hour at a time is often difficult with getting to know their names.  But its the normal every year stuff.  Just add being half way through my pregnancy and its a little more crazy.  With both my boys I worked the whole time all the way up to my due dates.  Sure it wasn't easy, but it was life.  This time having a little break was nice, but returning was more difficult then I expected.  Walking around in my classroom as I work I find myself wanting to sit way more then I ever have.  But other then that this pregnancy is going well.  Went to the doctor on Friday and all looks great.  Baby's heart rate was good, blood pressure was great, and all was good.  Well, except for the fact that I have gained a ton of weight... yup I'm up like 28 lbs.  At 22 weeks its a lot, but compared to my others I guess I'm on track to get huge.

     Evan started back to preschool the day after I returned to work.  He was excited at first, but missed being home.  He had a little adjustment time, but is getting back into going everyday.  He is happy that his birthday is coming up, which means he will be moving into the 3 year old classroom.  I was nervous about the move at first because of the change in teachers and all.  But we were given some great news when he started back to school.  His teacher from the 2 year old classrooms, Ms. Juana has moved and is now the 3 year old teacher.  So Evan gets to have his favorite teacher for another year.  He is always so happy to see her every morning.

     Jayden has not returned to school yet.  He has been happy to have some extra days off.  But coming Monday he will officially be a big 2nd grader.  He is both excited and nervous.  We attended the Meet the Teacher night last week and he was able to see his new classroom and desk.  He has already met the teacher previously.  We also met the new music teacher.  His Art and PE teachers are the same this year.  Jayden was happy to see some of his friends in his class again, but sad a few have moved rooms. Jayden has expressed the concern and fear of learning cursive handwriting.  His new teacher reassured us that cursive is mostly during 3rd grade and the only introduce it the last couple of months of school. So school starts Monday so we are in the mist of stocking up all the school supplies.

      Oh and we had Jayden's birthday party of the summer.  I will have to post all the fun we had.  The cake was crazy difficult to make, but was a big hit.  I also have some great product reviews to share with you.  I can't say I will be here as much as before, but I do plan to get back on here a little more often.  I hope all is good with everyone out there.  

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  1. I hope you are progressing along at a healthy rate and Jayden is enjoying school!