Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Twist On Dodgeball COOP Scatter Dodgeball Game Plus Giveaway

     I remember when I was in grade school and one of our favorite games in PE was dodgeball.  We would go out on the basketball courts and line up on both sides with balls in the middle.  I think we played dodgeball regularly.  It was something that I remember everyone looked forward to.  Now schools don't allow dodgeball with the risk of injury. My husband and I have talked about how our children will miss out on all those fun games we used to play in grade school, dodgeball being one of them.  COOP has come up with a variation on the original dodgeball game called Scatter Dodgeball.

     Scatter Dodgeball is a fun game where kids will duck, dive, and dodge.  This game has come out just in time for summer vacation.  This game will get everyone in the family moving. This is a twist on the classic I remember from grade school PE.  In Scatter Dodgeball the ball is a soft foam ball. There are two to six players. Each player gets two wristbands of the same color.  Players circle around the single dodgeball.  One player rolls the dice ball that has all the same colors as the wristbands.  The player that is wearing the same color as the color showing on the dice when it lands is the thrower for that turn.  All other players scatter and duck.  The thrower attempts to hit the other players.  If a player gets hit by the ball they give up one of their wrist bands to the thrower.  If the player catches the ball then the thrower has to give up one of his or her wrist bands.  The game continues and repeats until someone gets all the wrist bands.

     My boys were excited to try out this game.  We played on the cement area on our side yard.  My 8 year old understood it right away and loved it.  My 3 year old is just under the suggested age of 5 to play the game, but he still wanted to try.  He needed a little help to follow, but did well.  The boys loved the competition of the game.  I liked that the game gets my boys up and moving more.  The ball really is soft and although they are throwing it at each other, no one was hurt.  There was lots of great laughter while they played the game. Its a fun game the whole family can play.

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