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Starpath Dolls With Personalized Story Books

Starpath DOLLS
   Starpath Dolls are a collection of four dolls.  The dolls are multicultural and are featured in customizable chapter books.  These books complement the dolls.  These dolls are recommended for girls 5-9 years old.  With these dolls and books they can escape into a magical world.  The books are centered on shared adventures between two girl companions.  The books are easily personalized with details from the child's life online.  The books are available in paperback or in e-book format and instantly downloaded onto any electronic device.
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     Everyone needs a best friend for companionship, acceptance, and love.  These dolls can provide a girl with someone to talk to and share new experiences with.  It can be as simple as exploring the woods or streets near home, riding the school bus, or imagining adventures in exotic places like India or fairy tale kingdoms.

     The dolls are 18 inches.  There are 4 dolls to chose from, Morning Star, Shining Star, Wishing Star, and Wandering Star.  Each dolls is multi culturally different with unique features.  A child can pick a doll that is culturally the same as her or different, what every she chooses.  There are 2 books that you can choose to customize, "A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong." or "Tiger Magic."

     When I saw these adorable Starpath Dolls I knew I wanted one for Madilyn.  Technically she is not in the age range for these dolls, but I was able get one for her and try it out myself with the boys.  The boys helped me look and we decided to get the doll that is most like Madilyn.  We picked Star Shine since she has brown hair, brown eyes, and has a cute little skirt outfit.  Madilyn loves her skirts.  For the personalized chapter book I chose A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong.  As I did the personalizing there were so many details to add in the book.  You can use real information or make it your own way.  As I put in the information it asked for a brother's name, but only 1.  Madilyn has 2 brothers and I didn't want to upset them that only 1 of them was in the book for her, but then it asked for the name of a prince.  So Evan  is in the book as her brother and Jayden is her prince.  I am having some trouble with the book.  I think mostly on my end.  It won't download for me, but it says I am missing something on my computer.  I tried 2 computers, but 1 is my work computer which I shouldn't be using, but I wanted to see i it was just my computer, but similar issue with missing something. I will keep trying, but for now we are very happy with this doll.

     Since she is not technically for Madilyn's age I wanted to save it for her as she gets old enough, but I will have to sneak it away as she already loves her.  She wants to carry her everywhere, sit with her, and even tries to dance with her.  These dolls are very well made.  The clothing is adorable and also well made.  Her legs bend so she can sit.  Her hair is soft.  These really are adorable dolls.  I know Madilyn will have a friend in her doll as she grows up with her.  These would make a great gift for any girl.  I think my 7 year old nieces would love these too!

Thank you to Starpath Dolls for providing the above mentioned product for review. 

 I was provided the above mentioned products in order to provide a review. I was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. disclosure

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