Sunday, September 24, 2017

Elmo's World Hide N Seek Game Plus #Giveaway

     I think all toddlers love peek-a-boo and preschoolers love hide and seek. It is hard to really improve on those simple, but classic childhood games. But Identity games has really done it with Elmo. Playing peek-a-boo with Elmo is as simple as hiding him under a blanket or teddy bear. 

     Elmo's World Hide & Seek has 3 different play modes.  Elmo can play Peek-a-boo, it is as simple as hiding him under a blankie or stuffed animal. This is great for helping babies to begin to understand object permanace by reinforcing that out of sight does not mean the object has disappeared. 

     The second level looks like the traditional hide & seek with tots closing their eyes while someone places Elmo in a nearby spot. Toddlers can toddle to the sound of Elmo’s voice. Elmo gives clues by making noise as toddler searches.  

     And the last level is for the preschool years.  It has enclosed game cards with illustrated clues. The preschooler can count to ten as Elmo is being hidden.  Elmo has his sound off.  Simply show your preschooler the 3 cards and he or she will use the clue to find where Elmo is hiding.  When Elmo is found he gives praise and gives a little Elmo laugh.  

     Madilyn loves both peek-a-boo and is starting to play a little hide and seek.  When she saw this Elmo she couldn't wait to get him out of the package.  She just wanted to hold and hug Elmo.  He is not plush, but a hard plastic.  That didn't bother her at all she still wanted to hold him.  He is the perfect size for a toddlers grasp. We played peek-a-boo under a blanket and she always laughed when she found him.  We also tried an easy game of hide n seek around the house.  Elmo gives great clues.  Madi loved finding Elmo.  For a while she took Elmo everywhere.  She even took him grocery shopping with us.  She even wanted him on at the store.  I know more than a couple people were trying to figure out where Elmo's voice was coming from.  We have not yet graduated to the cards yet.  I like that the game can be adjusted as children get older. This is a fun game that can last a while.  And it would make a great gift for the holidays. It is not too early to plan for Christmas. 

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