Sunday, October 22, 2017

Play & Go Storage Bags Make Great Gifts!!

Play And Go

     One thing that I think most parents are always in need of is storage for all their kids toys. Toys seem to multiple and take over for sure. Keeping them organized is often difficult.  I especially hate when sets get separated and it makes it difficult for kids to play with an incomplete set of toys.  That is why I have come to love the Play & Go storage bags.  They have two purposes in one, storage and play mat.

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     The Play & Go is large at an impressive 55" in diameter.  The Play & Go designs are very cute and even sophisticated. That means when you leave them siting in a corner or near the sofa they can blend in the room artfully.  They are made from high quality durable polycotton canvas. They have printed artwork that includes solid colors, patterns, sports, trains, animals, and more. The Play & Go can hang from a coat hook or a doorknob when not being used.  They easily fit under a bed or in a corner. The bags can also be used for laundry, beach toys, and many other items. 

     I received both the Pink Elephant Play & Go and the Cherry Mini toy storage. The pink elephant play & go is even larger than I expected.  I decided to use it for Madilyn's Mega Blocks.  These were taking up so much space in her toy box and whenever she wanted to play with them it took forever to search for all the pieces that she would get bored and move on.  After I put them in the Play & Go it made it easier for her to play.  I could easily lay it out and she could play. My boys even liked to join in and play with her.  One of the things I love about it is that she can sit on it as it is laid out while she plays, then when done we just close it up.  Makes clean up simple and no missing pieces. The material is very durable and the print is adorable. It closes by pulling the ropes.  The ropes to become very long when closed, but it is necessary since the diameter is so large. 

     The Cherry mini tote I received is also adorable and durably made. It is smaller at 40 cm in diameter. These are great for smaller objects or a smaller set.  I decided to put Madilyn's SmartMax toys.  She loves playing with these, but she often loses them.  So keeping them together is necessary. This bag being smaller is easier for Madi to carry on her own. This bag can be used for so many things including as a toiletry bag, clothespins, kitchen utensils, art supplies, and more.  

     The Play & Go storage bags have a three year warranty to be free from defect in material or workmanship.   These bags would be a great gift for the holidays or even better the gift bag and gift in one. They would be great to fill with a blocks set or other toys and given together.  Check your local specialty stores for Play & Go or contact or check Amazon. 

Thank you to Play & Go for the great product and helping to get our toys more organized. 

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I was provided the above mentioned products in order to provide a review. I was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. disclosure

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