Sunday, December 3, 2017

Holiday Gift: Passback Football #holidaygift

Passback Sports

     Do you have a kid that enjoys playing football, but doesn't always have someone to play with?  I know my 9 year old likes to play football, but my 5 year old doesn't always want to play with him. So that leaves my son to beg me or my husband to play with him or not play. But now with Passback he can play by himself. 

     Passback Sports makes their footballs a-of-a-kind training tool that is thrown like a regulation ball but engineered to hit a surface and come spiraling back. Just aim the flat side of the ball to any wall surface and be amazed as it boomerangs back to the person that threw it. It's just like having the perfect practice partner when no one is around. This is a great way to get your kid outside playing and exercising. They can throw and catch with or without any friends. The Passback helps to develop hand-eye coordination and build gross motor skills.  The Passback comes in 3 sizes, Official size for adults and teens, Junior size for ages 9-13, and Peewee size for ages 4-8.  Each are sized perfectly for different levels and ages.

     We received the Junior size Passback football to try. It is really unique in how it is made and looks.  It mostly looks like a regular football and even feels like a regular football.  The one difference is the flat rubber end on one side.  Jayden was excited to try this out. We went out to the greenbelt behind our house.  He threw it a few times against the wall and got a good feel for what he needs to do.  He had fun throwing the ball and it was great for him to practice catching too.  He likes to throw, but needs work on his catching. He did want to try to play football with it too and it is possible, but a little awkward as it is not full size. Jayden even threw it straight down on the sidewalk to see it bounce up.  

     Passback makes for a great gift for holidays or birthdays. Jayden was enjoying it so much when his friends birthday was last week we decided to get him a Passback too.  His friend is a big fan of football and always wants to play.  Problem is his brother is too small to play with him and he is often bugging his mom and dad or just doesn't get to play much.  It comes at perfect timing for him as his football season is over and now he has something to help him continue to play and practice. 
     If you have a football fan on your holiday list check out the Passback Football. You can buy them online through their website or on Amazon.

Thank you to Passback Sports for the Review!!

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