Friday, June 15, 2018

Keep Kids in Bed Longer with a Sleep Training Alarm Clock

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     As summer has started I am facing the same issue that most parents face when it comes to children and sleep. Children get up early when they don't have to and want to stay up late. I know my oldest has been known to get up before 5 a.m. Getting kids to stay in their beds longer can be difficult. Big Red Rooster has a great product that can be helpful. Disguised as an adorable puppy it is a Sleep Training Alarm Clock.

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     Big Red Rooster's Sleep Training Alarm Clock is perfect for children ages 2-7 years old. It helps children to learn to stay in bed longer. The dog has a light up ball and when it is red it reminds a child to stop and stay in bed. The can get out of bed when the ball turns green. It has 2 alarms so you can adjust for weekday and weekend settings. There is a nap timer that can be set from one minute to 12 hours. The clock can easily be set by removing the hidden parent compartment. The instructions are printed on the inside of the parent compartment. This is a nice feature as instructions are often lost and having them on the clock itself is a plus for sure. The clock comes with an AC adapter and can be used with AA batteries. The cute dog design is appealing to children.

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     My daughter is in love with this dog clock. She likes to hug it and talk to it. She is just learning what the colors mean. She will get out of bed early and I remind her of the doggy clock and she will go back and wait.  But it is still something she is learning with. My son has tried it and he caught on right away. It helps him to know when he needs to stay in bed and when he can get up.

     This would make a great gift for a young child and their parents. You can check out the Big Red Rooster website for lots of great items or get this on Amazon.

Thank you to Big Red Rooster for the Review!!

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